1. Project kickoff

Project discussion covering concept and requirements and how to move forward to your desired results.  Depending on the stage you are at or the services you require we may jump ahead to any one of the following stages.  If you have a napkin sketch or just an idea we can develop it further in the conceptual stage.  If you have CAD models or a simple design we can jump right into prototyping.  Maybe you just want detailed specifications for manufacturing or want to update an existing product.

2.  Conceptualize

Brainstorming, design refining, form generation, and defining functional requirements are done at this stage.

3.  Design and Engineering

Further form and function refining with computer modeling and analysis.

4.  Prototype

Depending on the requirements, strictly functional "proof of concept" models can be built or polished, painted SLA or cast urethane production like models are made for review, testing, and marketing. 

5.  Refine

Any refinements in the design due to customer, engineering, marketing, or manufacturing are integrated before moving to manufacturing.

6.  Document

Design revisions and specifications are thoroughly documented throughout the design process.  Here the design is frozen and final specification drawings and documents are produced.  All parties involved sign-off on the design and specifications before moving to manufacturing.

7.  Manufacture

The manufacturer starts pilot production where any issues including quality are resolved before full production ramp up.